Introduction of Tampin Hotel


Malaysia is extremely rich in terms of culture and history. Although it’s predominantly a Muslim country, traces of the old European colonization are still very much alive in some of its areas, especially in Melacca.

Melacca is considered as one of the most historic places in Malaysia simply because it’s able to retain its Dutch and Portuguese charm. Plenty of colorful houses, churches, buildings, and forts still remain intact for the present and future generation to enjoy. Its history then blends with modernity as new establishments such as restaurants, entertainment areas, and offices come about. Simply put, sometimes Melacca can be pricey and busy.

If you’re looking for a great place to relax without being too far off from Melacca, you can try to find a hotel in Nigeri Sembilan, especially in Tampin. This small district council slash town that is home to around 56,000 people sits right at the border of Melacca and Negeri Sembilan. Because of its strategic location, it has a superb transport system. For example, since there’s no train in Melacca, commuters have to drop by Tampin, which has its own railway station about 1 kilometer away from the city center.

Hotel Centre Point Tampin
A Tampin hotel such as Hotel Centre Point Tampin may be not five star and offer very cheap rates for your stay. However, don’t be fooled by the price. As one of the newest budget accommodation options, you get more than what you pay for. This hotel in Negeri Sembilan offers a variety of rooms from suites to family units. The most affordable can cost only RM88 during normal days. Even during peak seasons like school breaks and holidays, they are no more than RM150, including the family-sized rooms. The rates also cover breakfast. Spacious and comfortable, each of the units comes with large beds with pillows, an LCD TV, and wireless Internet connection.

The Tampin hotel is also 5 minutes from the bus station, 10-minute walk to the railway station, and 7 kilometers to world-renowned A Famosa and its Safari Waterworld.