Melaka A Famosa, Safari & Waterworld


There are several reasons why it makes a lot of sense to stay in Hotel Centre Point Tampin. Topping the list is its nearness to one of the most fabulous resorts in Malaysia and even the rest of Asia: A Famosa.

A Famosa is roughly 7 kilometers away from the hotel—it’s less than an hour’s drive. The resort is a welcome respite from the hectic lifestyle around the central district of Melaka and a fantastic contrast to the iconic buildings that are scattered all around the region. The resort itself derived its name from an old Portuguese monument.

History may not be too evident within the resort, but the fun and entertainment can be just as timeless. The resort offers an incredible view of the natural surroundings including the rolling hills and the sprawling golf courses. Overall, it covers more than a thousand acres of land filled with surprises for the entire family. If you wish to stay overnight, you can choose among the villas, condominium hotels, and full-fledged hotels.

A Famosa is also home to some of the well-designed theme parks in entire Malaysia such as the Safari Waterworld. Since it covers a very large area, it is divided into different sections such as the Safari Adventure where you can see the wildlife that have found their homes in Africa: lions, tigers, and zebras. The Monkey Island is an exciting adventure; guests have to be ferried to a small island found in the middle of the lake. The densely covered islet is presently where you can find monkeys, capuchins, squirrels, and long tail macaques. Guests are also encouraged to interact with some animals in the farmhouses and walk-through areas. Stay tuned as well for some performances like Wild, Wild West Show, Multi-Animal Fun Time, Colour of the Bird, and Elephant Encounters.

Enjoy some huge splashes in the nearby water theme park. Kids can take delight in the Arabian Village while families can go into the sandy beach or take a spin on the inner tube slides.